Rudy Guiliani BUSTS Hillary…She Hoped You Wouldn’t Find Out!

We saw a passionate debate Monday night between Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump and Democrat, Hillary Clinton and the accusations were flying. Mostly from Hillary since she had the advantage of a biased debate moderator in NBC’s Lester Holt who did everything he could to trip up “the Donald” by hammering him with questions which left Hillary smirking about it.

Former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has some very strong opinions about the debate and about Hillary Clinton, none of them good, it seems. In his observations about Hillary he had some striking comments about her performance as president Obama’s Secretary of State.

In a post debate conversation with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, Giuliani said:

“We know Hillary Clinton was a failure at foreign policy … we know she’s a failure in dealing with Islamic terrorism at home … I never realized she was as ignorant on economics as she is.”

The point being that all the “accomplishments” Hillary is supposed to be credited with were actually abject failures AND in her statements made during the debate and at previous speaking events she stated her plans to increase taxes on businesses which will send more of them overseas looking for greener pastures and a more business friendly climate.

Also, Hillary’s lack of moral strength in dealing with Islamic terrorism and the refugee problem has many fearful she may take America down the same violent and dead end path that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel led her country down! We’ve all seen what a disaster that was. We, however, are remaining positive that Donald Trump will take us down a better path towards greatness again.

Source:  Yes I’m Right 

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