Rudy UNLOADS – Leftist CNN Stooge Chris Cuomo Never Saw THIS Coming! [WATCH]

The bias in the liberal media against GOP candidate for president Donald Trump continues. They don’t want a strong, non-political conservative in the White House, so they will do everything in their power to stop him.

The most recent nonsense they’re spinning is a quote he made about the Second Amendment. While speaking about how Hillary Clinton will work to abolish our right to bear arms, Trump made it clear that gun owners can do something about it.

In context, the comment was clearly referring to getting out and voting. Hillary can’t destroy our rights if she’s not in power. But if you asked the liberal media, they’d want you to believe he called for her assassination!

It’s this ridiculous kind of manipulation and lying that makes people lose faith in the media.

During a CNN discussion, pro-Trump figure Rudy Giuliani debated the issue with anchor Chris Cuomo. The discourse lasted thirty minutes, during which CNN refused to cut to commercial break.

Clearly they were looking for a gaff on the part of Giuliani. Instead they gave him an open platform to stand up for the truth.

From Western Journalism:

Cuomo said the GOP nominee was joking about gun rights supporters taking matters into their own hands if Clinton should become president.

“It wasn’t a joke,” Giuliani countered.

“You’re not saying he had serious intentions about Second Amendment people doing something bad?” asked the New Day host.

Of course not! No more than Hilary Clinton had eight years ago when she said she was gonna stay in the [Democrat primary] race [against Barack Obama] because, remember, [Bobby] Kennedy was assassinated,” the mayor responded.

The dialogue continued for a while, with Giuliani knocking down the CNN crony’s biased for Hillary.

The full discussion is available online and is well worth the time to watch.

Source: Western Journalism

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