Gay Icon Has Profound Take On Pulse Murders…This Is The SMARTEST Thing I Have Read!

After the horrendous attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL, many people are rethinking their values.

For years the LGBT community has staunchly supported the left, believing Democrats defended their ways of life and wanted to protect them.

The terrorist shooting in Orlando is proof that liberal policies have failed the homosexual community.

Efforts by the left to welcome Islamic refugees, going as far as to protect Muslims who preach hate and jihad in our country, have left the LGBT communities in mortal danger. And they’re starting to realize that.

One particular figure in their community is expressing a potential change of heart.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

On Wednesday’s Access Hollywood Live, RuPaul spoke out about the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub.

“I am so numb from the whole thing and everyone has something to say about it; I don’t have any words yet,” said RuPaul. “I don’t want to minimize it into some celebrity sound bite, and I know this is a benchmark for the American people. This is a huge wake-up call for us on so many levels, there needs to be a shift in our collective consciousness.” 

He continued, “It’s not just about gun control, it’s not just about gay people, it’s about our identity as Americans. And that’s the challenge for us moving forward.”

It’s clear this iconic and influential figure in the trans community is having a hard time grappling with this issue.  It is possible he is begging to see that his leaders have failed him. He did the right thing by not using the tragedy as an opportunity for a “celebrity sound bite.”  It seems he is genuinely trying to make sense of the event.

The most logical conclusion that RuPaul and the rest of the LGBT community must come to is that the Democrats are not their allies. Islamic terror like the kind perpetrated at Pulse will continue, if not in America, than around the world.  The weak, apologetic polices of the left will only encourage it. We need strong, no-compromise leadership that will put an end to Islamic terrorism, once and for all.

The sooner RuPaul and his community realize this, the sooner they and the rest of us will be safe.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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