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While conservatives may be enjoying the presidency of Donald Trump, we have to remember that not all republicans are on our side.

Donald Trump ran as an outsider, criticizing the insider games of both democrats and republicans in D.C. There were many established republicans who were threatened by Trump and worked to undermine his candidacy–even if that helped Hillary Clinton.

There are many conservatives in Washington that do not believe in Trump’s goal of giving the power back to the people. They enjoy they comfortable life they have, in hording all the power and denying the people their voice.

While President Trump will go a long way in restoring the balance, there are still people in the GOP who oppose him.

This explains some of their recent failures, like failing to repeal Obamacare, and the recent budget that funds some terrible programs.

Noted conservative talk show host spoke recently about this issue and unloaded on republicans.

From The Right Scoop:

El Rushbo is pretty angry that the budget will fund Obamacare, sanctuary cities, the EPA, Planned Parenthood all through September. And he’s blaming the Republicans, not Trump, of course.

Republicans seem to lack the backbone to confront the ugly policies of liberals, even the ones passed by former President Obama. While Trump promised to punish those terrible cities that are protecting criminal aliens, the GOP was unwilling to defund them.

Obamacare gets more cash. And they refused to help fulfill Trump’s promise of building the wall.

So who are the republican’s helping? It seems they are so cowardly, so unwilling to back their president, that they’d rather aid the liberals than face a temporary shutdown of the government.

It’s obvious that President Trump needs to get the support of any lawmakers that will fulfill his goals to make American great again. If republicans are refusing to do so, why should they have our support?

2018 is not far away. If republicans cannot aid the president in his vision, then why should Americans support them?

It’s clear that while Trump is working for the people, many within his own party are not. It’s time that these charlatans are replaced by real conservatives who put the president’s plans first.

Source: The Right Scoop

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