Rush Just Said What All Of Us Are Thinking…Clinton Crime Family Hardest Hit! – BOOM

On Wednesday, Donald Trump gave one of his most powerful speeches to date. He his speeches have gone a long way to unite voters and the Republican base. They have helped generate momentum and upset the liberal media. But none have done so much as his attack on Hillary Clinton.

Regular readers of the Patriot Journal won’t be surprised at what Trump said. He exposed Hillary’s corrupt dealings, something we’ve been talking about for a long time. He exposed her “public speaking” scheme, her behavior as secretary of state, and hung her out to dry for Benghazi. He put the blame of the rise of ISIS rightly on her shoulders.

Finally a Republican running for office not afraid to tell the truth. It seems most Republicans in Washington are too afraid to stand against Hillary. They seem to be caught under the same spell of fear that Democrats have. If you cross Hillary’s path, she’ll crush you (need we mention the suspicious list of deaths of people who’ve tried?). But Donald Trump’s not afraid, and he’s coming at her with both guns.

As Rush Limbaugh celebrates:

You wouldn’t hear fellow establishment types talk about this, ’cause it’s too close to home for all of them.  But Trump can say this stuff as an outsider. He can say this stuff as a nonmember of the elite or the establishment, and it’s gonna be interesting to see, because while everything Trump said about Hillary has been said before by people — and, of course, we have the Peter Schweizer book, Clinton Cash, which Trump quoted from extensively.  You don’t see things like that happen, either. 

We don’t hear about these things from the media, because they want to protect their wicked queen. The Republican establishment has been shockingly quiet, because many of them are guilty of the same behavior.

He came out and he said of Hillary Clinton, “She is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.” The most corrupt person to ever seek the presidency.  He said things like, “For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.”  He made it clear to anybody watching that Mrs. Clinton’s policies, which are an echo of Barack Obama’s policies, are gonna continue to wreak havoc and damage on America’s minorities. 

These are things the American people need to know about Hillary Clinton. And it took an outsider, a businessman from New York, to do it.

Let’s hope word of Hillary’s vile behavior continues to spread. A candidate like this simply has no legs on which to stand. Come election day, she should have a zero chance at winning.

Source: Rush Limbaugh

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