Boom: Russia Threatens Obama With Payback…This Is Explosive!

Since Hillary Clinton was publicly exposed thanks to a massive email leak, we’ve had to put up with rumors of Russian hacking.

Despite refutes from top intelligence agents and a complete lack of evidence, the left and liberal media want us to believe that Russia stole Hillary campaign emails in an effort to sway the presidential election.

This clearly was a distraction from the actual emails, which revealed shocking truths about Hillary Clinton and her people.

Yet even though this so-called hacking will not change the outcome of the election, the left continues to jeopardize relations with the nation, this time under out-going president Barack Obama.

From Daily Mail:

Russia is promising retaliation against an ‘orchestrated campaign’ of disinformation by the United States if allegations of election-year political hacking lead the Obama administration to level new economic sanctions.

‘To be honest, we are tired of [the] lie about the “Russian hackers,” which is being poured down in the United States from the very top,’ Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Wednesday.

Zakharova also called reports of possible new sanctions a ‘provocation directed by the White House,’ suggesting that Moscow will respond.

It was inevitable that Russia will respond to the endless nonsense being spewed by the mainstream media. They continue to peg the county and its leader as despicable villains who tried to undermine our election, even though there is no evidence to back that claim.

The possibility of sanctions by Obama against Russia is even more ridiculous. Obama is willing to destroy relations we’ve worked on establishing for decades, just to protect the failing Democratic Party.

Instead of acknowledging Clinton’s loss on the failure of their party, due to corruption and a lack of understanding of the American people, they keep blaming other factors like Russia. It only serves to embarrass the democrats further and risks greater tension with Russia.

It remains to be seen what affect sanctions passed by Obama could have on Russia. With January 20 rapidly approaching, you can be sure they will be overturned very quickly.

Source: Daily Mail

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