Russia Issue CHILLING Warning To US…Is War Coming To Eastern Europe?

Recent years have shown Russia’s intentions for Eastern Europe.

Though the Soviet Union ended a generation ago, their current President seems obsessed with returning his nation to those “glory days.”

They have violated the sovereign rights of free states, invading countries like Georgia and Ukraine. Despite intervention by the U.S and United Nations, Putin is not showing any signs that he will relent from his dictatorial ambitions.

His hand has been shown during a recent event.

The United States and other allied nations celebrated the installation of a missile defense system in Romania. Dubbed “Aegis Ashore,” this system is a vital new measure to protect European states from rogue nations like Iran, should they obtain ballistic missiles.

But Russia sees it another way.  They are threatened by the measure, claiming it is aimed at them. Hmm, maybe they see it as a measure to stop their aggressive expansion?

From NY Times:

Russian officials reiterated their position that the American-built system imperiled Russia’s security. But the public discussion in Russia was darker, including online commentary of how a nuclear confrontation might play out in Europe, and the prospect that Romania, the system’s host, might be reduced to “smoking ruins.”

Gee, that’s telling. Russia doesn’t like Romania having a means to protect themselves, so they make veiled threats. That’s a good way to make sure Romania gets even more protection from NATO and her allies.

The United States has asserted that the anti-ballistic missile system would protect only against “rogue” states, particularly Iran, and provide no protection for either Europe or the United States from Russia’s far larger arsenal of nuclear missiles. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization site will be controlled by an American officer. 

Moscow’s not buying this honest and reasonable excuse.

The paranoid government sees the base as a challenge to their imperialistic advances.

How will Putin invade another nation, if Romania can step in and thwart their plans? They are even making wild accusations against the U.S. and our allies in Europe.

In Moscow, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said Russian defense experts consider the site a threat.

“We still view the destructive actions of the United States and its allies in the area of missile defense as a direct threat to global and regional security,” Ms. Zakharova said.

This sounds a lot like Cold War rhetoric to me.

The good news is there are no plans to remove Aegis Ashore anytime soon. The base is doing what it was designed to do: ruffle the feathers of any nation that harbor ill will toward Europe, even if that includes Russia.

Source: NY Times

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