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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Double-Crossed Trump…Cuts Sick Deal With Democrats!
By Faith Braverman|May 2, 2017

Et tu, Ryan?

President Trump, like Julius Caesar before him, is being stabbed in the back by enemies masquerading as allies.

Speaker Paul Ryan is one such enemy, and is leading the charge to undermine the will of President Trump and the people by engaging in backroom deals and conspiring with the opposition.

Ryan’s recent healthcare bill was a blatant attempt to reassert the establishment’s authority, but thankfully the bill wasn’t even voted on.

Now, in what can only be interpreted as an act of revenge, Ryan is throwing the people that voted for him under the bus by colluding with the Democrats on legislation.

With this most recent budget that Congress has passed, Paul Ryan and his establishment cronies just gave the Marxist Democrats the victory they lost in November.

From McClatchy:

Congressional negotiators have come up with a $1.07 trillion plan to keep the government running through the end of September – but there’s a lot missing from the 1,665-page bill.

And much of it involves items that President Donald Trump promised during his campaign and the early days of his presidency.

The budget fails to fund the border wall and deportation forces, and fails to make any cuts to Planned Parenthood, the EPA, and sanctuary cities.
Essentially, this spending bill gives Democrats nearly everything they want.

Paul Ryan’s concessions amount to treason. Hopefully someone runs against him in his primary, because he is failing to live up to his oath of office.

We have the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and still the Democrats are declaring victory on the budget?

We the people voted for Republican representatives because we thought our wishes would be obeyed by those we elected. Now we are seeing them go off in a completely different direction.

President Trump must remain vigilant against the backstabbers like Paul Ryan in the GOP.  The swamp must be drained for good!

Source: McClatchy

Faith Braverman
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