Report: Look Who Sabotaged Sanctuary State And Helped Trump – It’s An Inside Job

California has become the poster child of everything wrong with the United States.

In a shocking act of defiance, the state legislature passed laws that undermine our country’s national security.

But not everyone is happy with Californian liberals helping illegal immigrants.

In fact, some powerful and smart folks are finding ways to destroy CA’s status as a sanctuary state.

And there’s nothing the democrats can do about it.

From Hot Air:

This has led at least some sheriffs to begin working on new, creative policies which will allow them to continue supporting immigration enforcement officials while not running afoul of the law. Needless to say, this has the state’s Democratic legislators in a bit of a foul mood…

[Fresno County Sheriff Margaret] Mims has gone from being a registered Democrat to a Republican and has publicly quarreled with Brown over what she calls the Democratic Party’s hostility toward law enforcement issues, including gun rights and recent ballot measures to revamp the criminal justice system…

“If ICE can’t do their job in a local, safe, controlled environment, they are going to put together teams, and they are going to go out into our communities,” she said. “I don’t think people are going to like the unintended consequences.”

Sheriff Mims has already enacted a variety of policies designed to make it easier for ICE to enforce the law. She set up office space for ICE agents inside her jail so they could have direct access to prisoners for questioning and possible detention where appropriate. She also restructured the schedule, pushing release times for prisoners to later in the day so immigration enforcement agents would have more time to arrive and take care of business.

Sanctuary status means that local law enforcement cannot cooperate with federal officials in deporting illegals. That means the state of California is putting criminals ahead of federal law. But many sheriffs, fully aware of the danger of illegals, are finding ways to help ICE and the DOJ.

The fact remains that the federal government has every right to enter California and apprehend illegals themselves. But without the aid of local police, that task becomes more dangerous for locals.

These sheriffs understand this, so they are making sure federal agents get the help they need, while still complying with the bogus sanctuary laws.

Democrats are furious, but they can’t do anything about it. Sheriff Mims and others are obeying the laws. They are simply smarter than leftists who are trying to protect criminal aliens.

Source: Hot Air

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