Report: Trump Unleashes $4 Million Surprise On 3 Sanctuary Cities – They Said He Couldn’t Do It

From the moment President Trump was elected, liberals vowed revenge. Even before he was Inaugurated, liberal strongholds throughout the country took measures to undermine the President.

Perhaps the biggest insult to our country has come in the form of sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. These cities and states refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement, in favor of protecting criminal aliens.

Because these liberals have put illegals ahead of American citizens, the Trump administration is fighting back. And democrats are feeling the pain.


New Jersey’s Democratic lawmakers on Monday accused President Donald Trump’s administration of withholding $4 million in promised local law enforcement funds after several municipalities said they would not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

In a letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, The lawmakers said they believed the delay was part of the Justice Department’s efforts “to punish states and local governments for their immigration laws and policies…”

Justice Department spokesman Devin O’Malley said the delay is due to a ongoing lawsuit brought by the city of Chicago.

“Violent crime is on the rise in America, especially in many of our major cities,” O’Malley said. “Unfortunately, as a result of a lawsuit by the city of Chicago and their extreme sanctuary policies, there have been delays in getting these funds into the hands of our cooperating state and local crime fighting partners…”

In addition, Newark, East Orange, Jersey City and other cities in New Jersey have vowed not to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration issues. Such municipalities are known as “sanctuary cities.”

These liberal lawmakers think they can break federal law and get away with it. Make no mistake: cutting of their federal funding is just the beginning.

If liberals insist on making their cities and states sanctuaries for criminal aliens, the federal government will exert its power. After funding cuts, be sure there will be lawsuits and other measures from the government. Liberals will regret violating federal law, just to insult President Trump.

Already these liberal bastions are feeling the pain of their defiance. Because they put criminals ahead of citizens, they are faced with cutbacks and other limitations. It wouldn’t be a problem, if they actual followed federal law.

Once again, it’s the people who suffer. The only real solution? Vote these clowns out of office.


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