Breaking! Sanctuary City OBLITERATES Democrats In Amazing Move…Even Trump Is STUNNED!

It’s the clear left no longer has any rational arguments to support their stances.

They warp the facts to manipulate the emotions of citizens, relying on the mainstream media to propagate these stories of fake news.

They don’t want you to look at the facts, the facts that are motivating every decision by President Trump. Instead, they want you to believe the warped stories they create, in order to protect their toxic policies. This is especially true in the case of illegal immigration.

The immigration crisis in this country is out of control. Our porous border with Mexico has been used to shuttle drug runners, human traffickers, violent criminals, and terrorists into our country. Democrats for years have looked the other way, hoping that Hispanic aliens will support them come election season.

This situation has protected violent criminals, rewarded families who break the law to enter our country, and insult every lawful citizen.

But Trump’s stance against illegal immigration will bring it to an end. He is especially hard on “sanctuary cities” those cities which have the audacity to violate federal law in protecting violent criminals and illegal aliens.

President Trump has vowed to punish sanctuary cities by withdrawing federal funding. While some cities are still entrenched, others are seeing the light.

From Miami Herald:

Miami-Dade formally abandoned its status Friday as a “sanctuary” for unauthorized immigrants, backing Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s recent decision to mollify President Donald Trump by detaining jailed inmates sought for deportation by the federal government.

County commissioners rejected hours of impassioned testimony from residents who implored the board to stand up to the mayor and the White House. More than 150 people spent the day at County Hall delivering an often eloquent defense of immigration and South Florida’s vaunted diversity; only a small number supported Gimenez’s action.

“Shame on you!” members of the crowd cried after the 9-3 vote, hurling bits of paper and white carnations at the dais and standing up to stomp out of the chambers. “May God have mercy on your soul,” one woman hollered.

Did you watch the video above? “It’s a harbinger of things to come.” Oh yes it is.  Money talks, and with Trump and the Republicans in charge of the flow of federal funds, these rogue cities—and states—are going to start following the law.  This is the day we see the tide begin to turn.

Notice how this fake news outlet—the Miami Herald—tries to spin this story. They focus on the “impassioned” pleas of people who are either here in America illegally or want to protect those who are. They want to vilify the leadership of Miami who are following the law, making them seem like enemies of “innocent” immigrants.

The reality is sanctuary cities protect criminals. They give more rights and privileges to aliens than actual American citizens have. If you–an American–break the law, you go to jail.  But if an illegal breaks the law and flees to San Francisco, New York, or many other sanctuaries, they’re protected by the local government, given housing and money, and the respect of the city’s liberal citizens.

This is a backwards situation. Sanctuary cities endanger U.S. citizens and violate the law. Miami leadership did the right thing by upholding our laws and the will of our president.

More will have to follow, or suffer the penalties.

Source: Miami Herald

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