WORST ENDORSEMENT EVER: This Says Everything You Need To Know About Bernie Sanders!

While Donald Trump keeps racking up endorsements — sometimes from former rivals — Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to get that many. That’s strange, considering how “popular” he supposedly is.

Endorsements are supposed to help a candidate, of course. Too bad Bernie finally landed one even he may want to turn down.

CNN reports:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro believes Bernie Sanders would be headed to the White House if the U.S. held “free” and fair elections.

During a television broadcast on Tuesday night, Maduro — who has expressed support for Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, in the past — called the Democratic candidate “our revolutionary friend” and said it was only “an archaic (electoral) system that is 200 years old” keeping him from the presidency.

Maduro’s comments, heard on a video translated by Reuters, were less complimentary of the presumptive Republican nominee.

“Donald Trump could win with the electoral system they have in the United States,” Maduro said. “And you know why? Because Donald Trump is using a force for change hidden in U.S. society.”

One wonders how Maduro was able to broadcast this statement or why he even bothered, considering that widespread power outages are now an everyday occurrence in his socialist paradise.

Even Venezuelans whose television sets are working were likely out slaughtering their pets or killing each other for bread or shoes, as has been widely reported.

Maduro is half right though: Trump is “using a force for change” but it’s hardly “hidden.” It’s something the Venezuelan president isn’t familiar with, however: It’s called “the will of the people.”

Credit: AllenBWest.com

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