BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Makes Huge Announcement About His Plans…Hillary Is FURIOUS!

A harsh reality of campaigning is the massive need for money.

Running for public office is shockingly expensive, especially considering you have to pay for EVERYTHING. From bottles of water on the bus to those signs people hold up at rallies, everything needed in a campaign must be provided by the campaign itself.

And the coffers can drain very fast.

So it’s not surprising when a candidate drops out soon after the money runs out. Bernie Sanders, who has been clinging to his support for months, might drop out of the race any minute now. However, he claims he’s got the support and cash to continue fighting.

From the New York Times:

Bernie Sanders signaled Wednesday that he would continue his presidential campaign beyond the California primary next week, saying he had the money to keep running until the Democratic National Convention next month.

During a news conference while campaigning in California, the Vermont senator said he already had plans to host events in Washington next week and to lobby superdelegates to withdraw their support from Hillary Clinton and back him instead. He added that he felt confident he can win California’s primary on Tuesday and that Mrs. Clinton was campaigning in the state because of polls showing the two locked in a tight race there. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released on Wednesday shows the race in a statistical tie.

So much is riding on California for Bernie. If he beats out Clinton, he’s got a good shot and robbing her of some coveted super-delegates.

We don’t know where Bernie’s money is coming from. Right now he could be bluffing, hoping that a win in California would reinvigorate his base and draw in more bucks. We know that at the close of May, Hillary’s supporters were waning and they had to send out a desperate plea for cash.

Clinton’s already focusing her efforts on toppling Donald Trump.  It seems like her people aren’t even concerned with Bernie. But Bernie’s not going away, at least not yet.

Let’s not forget Clinton is ignoring a lot of potentially damaging things, including her soon-to-come indictment over her email scandal.

Maybe Bernie’s got the cash. Maybe he can in fact defeat Crooked Hillary. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: New York Times

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