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It’s Happening! Bernie Sanders Prepares MASSIVE Move…Democrats TERRIFIED!
By PJ Editor|June 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders has not always been a Democrat.

In fact, until he ran for president he was never a Democrat. Now it appears that his treatment by Hillary Clinton and the DNC has, in his mind, affirmed all of the reasons he was an independent socialist senator…the party system is corrupt and irredeemable.

So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Sanders is now pvioting from trying to win the Democrat Party nomination to burning it all down!

Socially Viral scored the scoop…

A quiet burst of activity from the Sanders campaign seems to all but guarantee that Sanders will run as an independent this election cycle. All across the country Sanders’ core infrastructure of volunteers and paid staff are mobilizing to collect signatures and perform necessary paperwork to get him on the general election ballots in the states.

Officials highly placed within the Sanders campaign remain evasive and deny that the senator plans, at this time, to run as an independent. Bernie’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, has stated time and time again that they intend to go all the way to the convention and make the case that Sanders should be the Democratic nominee for the 2016 general election. But the Sanders campaign is actively engaging in activities, within the states, that have no other purpose besides putting Sanders in the position of being able to run as an independent candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Adding to the speculation fueled by the campaign’s activities…

Sources within the Bernie campaign, speaking on conditions of anonymity, say that Bernie has indeed been seriously considering an independent run, and wishes to ensure the option is available to him by performing the necessary work now.

Oh, this is gonna be fun!

Source: Socially Viral

PJ Editor
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