Angry Bernie Zombies Lash Out…Media Forced To Take EXTREME Measures!

Socialists might be naive, stupid and just plain wrong, but they’re stubborn. Otherwise, their unworkable philosophy would have died out generations ago.

They’re also bad at math. We see this in action now that Hillary Clinton has finally won the number of delegates she needs to become the Democratic Party’s nominee. Bernie Sanders’ rabid supporters don’t seem to care, vowing to keep fighting — and they’re determined to intimidate anyone — police, other Democrats, and now journalists — who they believe is standing in their way.

The Hill reports:

The Associated Press is warning its reporters to stay vigilant after several received harassing messages from supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Danny Spriggs, the AP’s vice president for global security, said some reporters have received angry emails, social media messages and phone calls after the AP declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

“We have not received any specific security threats,” Spriggs said in an email to employees, according to Poynter. “It is always good to practice situational awareness around AP bureaus and offices.”

The AP on Monday declared Clinton the Democratic nominee, saying she had enough pledged delegates and superdelegate support to reach the party’s threshold for the nomination.

Their call angered Sanders supporters, who — along with Sanders himself — argue that superdelegates shouldn’t be included in the delegate count because they don’t officially vote until the Democratic National Convention in July.

The AP defended its decision to call for race for Clinton, calling the process “painstaking but very straightforward.”

Few things fire up a socialist like a lost cause. They also thrive on the notion that “everyone” is out to get them.

So watch for confrontations to escalate as Bernie’s fans continue to fight all the way through November, and maybe even beyond.

Source: The Hill

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