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SCANDAL: Rubio’s Secret Mistresses Pictures Revealed…His Campaign Is RUINED
By PJ Editor|March 8, 2016

Sources inside DC have finally confirmed long-standing rumors about presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

They have revealed the names and pictures of two of Marco Rubio’s likely mistresses.

According to GOTnews.com:

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has carried on at least two extramarital affairs since he entered politics.

GotNews.com can confirm through lobbyist sources in DC and Tallahassee that at least one DC-based lobbyist has had an extra marital affair with the first term U.S. Senator. Still another Florida-based lobbyist has been IDed as carrying on an affair.

The first woman was Amber Stoner, a 36-year-old woman who worked for Rubio when he was head of the Florida Republican Party.

The rumor mill has swirled for some time on this front but it appears that rumors may have become confirmed stories.

GotNews continues:

The second woman is Dana Hudson, a blonde lobbyist based in the Beltway.

According to two lobbyists in DC in the national security space Hudson has been bragging about having had sex with the senator to other lobbyists.

Hudson lobbies on Homeland Security issues and is personal friends with the very same corrupt David Rivera who once partied with Rubio.

Interestingly, despite an ongoing investigation by the FBI, Rivera still manages to find tickets to the GOP debates. Based upon her Twitter feed Hudson and Rivera seem to enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Another picture of Rubio and Hudson together:


Do you believe what is being reported about Rubio?

PJ Editor
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