BREAKING: Supreme Court Just Handed Obama A MASSIVE Loss…HUGE Win For We The People!

It’s shocking to see how destructive a few months can be.

Although Obama has less than a year left as President, he is pushing his most extreme policies. Not since Obamacare have we seen such reckless abuse of power, all in the name of expanding government reach.

One of the groups meant to put a check on the executive office, the Supreme Court, has frequently backed Obama’s abusive measures. F

rom gay marriage to Obamacare, the Supreme Court has betrayed the American people in favor of Obama’s big government agenda.

But it’s not all dark! Sometimes the men and women in robes can do the right thing.

From Conservative Tribune:

The Supreme Court ruled that an American landowner can file an appeal through the federal court system if the Army Corps of Engineers rules that a body of water on that person’s land is subject to federal jurisdiction.

This is a huge victory for private land owners because it provides a very powerful check against Obama’s attempt to regulate all of America’s waters, including — literally — drainage ditches and seasonal ponds.

Were people not able to file appeals, the government could simply declare all bodies of water federal territory and take over almost all private land in America — something no one wants to see happen. (Well, except Obama, apparently.)

Now if you live in a big city, or are not a land owner, you may not understand the importance of this ruling.

The Constitution promises the private ownership of land. It is one of the rights that separates us from totalitarian regimes. Private citizens can own land and property and do what they want with it. It is a key step in protecting your rights, family, and businesses.

If the government can find loopholes in the law, in this case with bodies of water, they can try to take American’s privately owned land.

Had Obama’s measure passed, the military could have seized land that contained certain bodies of water. The federal government could have evicted families, businesses, or anyone, and use the land as they pleased.

But in this case the Supreme Court caught the rat.  In rejecting Obama’s measure, they stood up for every American who owns their own home, land, or business.

And it put a check in Obama’s disastrous final months in office.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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