WHOA! Supreme Court Just Turned The Election ON ITS HEAD…Democrats Are FURIOUS!

Everyone loves the Supreme Court when it sides with them, and everyone hates it when it goes the other way.

Well, it’s the Democrats turn to claim that the court is packed with right-wing fascist reactionaries.

At least until next week when another ruling turns them back into baby-murdering pinko American haters again. I love our politics.

Anyway, SCOTUS ruled last week, by refusing to take the case, that this election cycle can proceed under the current law that requires voters in Texas and several other states to show valid identification before being allowed to vote.

Democrats, of course, argue that this is discriminatory against people too stupid to master even the most basic functions of living in civilized society…aka Democrat voters.

Next they’ll claim proof of life discriminates against the formerly breathing…Chicago hardest hit.

Political Insider has the story…

Liberals have been arguing for years that it’s discriminatory and “racist” to ask people to show an ID before voting.

You need to show an ID before opening a credit card, entering a government building, getting on an airplane, and opening a bank account… Showing identification is part of life, and yet somehow the left thinks it keeps blacks and Hispanics from voting on Election Day.

Obama can’t be happy today, as the Supreme Court has officially refused to hear arguments about Texas’ voter ID law.

This is a big deal, and could definitely have an effect on the 2016 elections!

Source: Political Insider

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