SCREWED: Trump May Have ALREADY Blown California…And The Nomination [Here’s How]

Donald Trump’s organizational challenges seem to continuing.

The latest story comes from make-or-break California from The Insurgent…

Ted Cruz has been laying ground word in California for a year. Donald Trump? His campaign is just starting and they have a deadline on May 7th.

Literally Donald Trump just hired his California political director yesterday.

That deadline? The candidates in California get to submit delegates from each congressional district. If a candidate wins a congressional district, his delegates get to vote. It took Cruz more than 5 months to find delegates in all of California’s congressional districts. Cruz found 169 delegates and 169 alternates, which is a complete slate of delegates and alternates. Trump is just starting and the deadline to turn in his list is May 7th.

If Trump can’t field a complete slate, even if he wins a congressional district he won’t have delegates to vote for him.

Source: The Resurgent

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