SEAL TEAM 6 Commander Just Gave Donald Trump An INCREDIBLE Gift… [PRICELESS]

Since Trump clinched the Republican nomination, endorsements have been coming in on all sides.

As the waning #NeverTrump movement grinds to a halt, more and more conservatives are beginning to see what the rest of America already has: Donald Trump is our only hope for a better country.

The usual endorsements have come in, politicians and law enforcement agencies.

While all of those are great, few could have predicted this endorsement. Ryan Zinke, former commander of SEAL Team 6–the heroes who took down Osama bin Laden–has come out for Trump.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“The Democrats are besides themselves because they don’t understand Trump,” the former SEAL Team 6 commander said about the presumptive Republican nominee. “They don’t understand, you don’t get between the American people — because Americans are upset. Absolutely.”

“I know my name has been thrown around, and I would be honored to the duty in whatever capacity that is,” Zinke said. “I’m honored to be a congressman. I would be honored to be a part of the Cabinet. I would be honored to be the vice president. I would be honored to do my duty. You know why? It’s about making America great again.” 

Having one of the men who killed the FBI’s most wanted on your team is certainly a boon.

Not only will that help during the election, but think about what Zinke can do as a member of Trump’s cabinet.

All that wealth of experience would help strengthen our military and national security.

Zinke is a strong opponent of Hillary Clinton. He has expressed his disappointment over her lack of support for our military. He has firsthand experience of how deceptive the former Secretary of State could be.

“I watched as we all watched when Hillary Clinton disdained the uniforms of the Marines, she has lied on the tarmac in Bosnia when she said ‘I ran through sniper fire.’ I was there … in a lawn chair on the other side of the runway.”

Ouch. Don’t be surprised to see Zinke show up on the campaign trail. I bet he’s got plenty of stories to tell.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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