Sean Spicer Drops An A-BOMB At Press Briefing…Liberal Reporters Just Went INSANE!

Don’t be fooled: They pretend to care about foreign and domestic affairs, but the media’s favorite subject is… itself.

Even before Watergate, American journalists have mythologized themselves as courageous truth tellers, exposing lies and corruption (while spreading and covering up their own.) Since Trump’s presidency became an inescapable reality, they’ve been obsessing about what his win means for them.

Well, they have their answer, and they don’t like it. Trump has made it clear that he will be playing by his rules, not theirs.

The Daily Caller is blunt:

[White House press secretary] Sean Spicer pissed off journalists and liberals yet again Tuesday by calling on a conservative outlet first at his press briefing. On Monday, the press corps was up in arms after Spicer called on the New York Post.

But the response was much more heated Tuesday after Spicer called on Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette.

A writer for GQ Magazine (of all things) complained:

Another “journalist” griped:

And so on.

You see, there is a tradition in American media that the White House press secretary always calls on the reporter for the Associated Press to ask the first question, and Spicer very pointedly didn’t.

To which the average American responds: “So?”

It was satisfying to watch the Trump administration stick it to the assembled press corps, most of whom hate him and, more importantly, their own readers who voted for him. The next four years should be very entertaining.

Source: Allen B. West

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