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In a trend that is shocking just about everyone, we’re seeing more black Americans, including influential leaders, move to support Donald Trump for president.

After the terrible violence in Milwaukee, WI, Trump took the bold step to fly out there are speak to the people. He vowed to help bridge the gap between black and white Americans and promised a better future for our urban communities.

People are beginning to see how the democrats only use black communities, but do nothing to help them. Hillary Clinton, who has a reputation of manipulating women and minorities, has time and again been proven to be an elitist.

She does not care about these groups, outside of garnering their votes. If elected president, she will not help them at all.

Months ago we showed you how she pushed a black girl out of the way so she could get a photo op on the New York subway. Now there is a new leaked video showing her utter distain for black Americans and their concerns.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a recent video, an unidentified black man was attempting to have a discussion with Clinton about violence in black communities. He said that white violence is and always will be a problem.

Before allowing him to finish, Hillary interrupted him and said: “If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people.” She also moved into his space and waved her hands emphatically.

He calmly told her that wasn’t what he meant and that what she just said was a part of the problem that blacks encounter. He then went on to talk about changing hearts, and that’s when Clinton let her true feelings emerge.

She interrupted him again and said she didn’t believe in changing hearts, but in changing laws and the allocation of resources. (This is something we can actually believe, primarily because more times than not, it appears as though Clinton has no heart.)

You can watch the full video clip here:

It’s really quite shocking to see how uncomfortable and antagonistic Hillary appears. The man, a Black Lives Matter supporter, was simply trying to discuss a vital issue. Clinton, on the other hand, was defensive and belligerent.

The comment about changing hearts is equally bizarre. How can we find racial harmony in our communities if we don’t change the hearts of the people? Pass all the laws that you want, if people don’t try to treat each other better, the problems will persist.

But this is very true of liberals. They’re not interested in making things better the right way: by inspiring people to do the right thing, but by passing Draconian laws that force people to fall in line. This goes hand in hand with the modern left, who looks more like Soviet Russian than the United States.

That takes us to the “allocation of resources” bit. Hillary’s solution is to take tax payer dollars and waste them in government programs, thinking that the only way to help the black community is by making it dependant on federal welfare. This is none of than the “redistribution of wealth” Obama talked about. Not an enriching of citizens through new jobs and opportunities, but enslavement to an ever-growing federal government.

Remember Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech? He believed in the American people coming together, because they wanted unity and equality. He was not just trying to get the Civil Rights Act passed, but trying to inspire the hearts of a nation.

How sad to see what modern democrats think. This video encapsulates their and Hillary’s attitude. They want power, but they don’t respect the people they want power over. That’s a very bad combination.

Be sure to spread that video to every friend and family member you know. We all deserve to see Hillary’s true thoughts and attitude.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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