Secret Service Breaks Silence…Drops A BOMB On Hillary’s Campaign [WHOA!]

More news comes out daily of Hillary Clinton’s invented history.

She’s a pro at lying, and will stop at nothing to distort her own life and experiences, if it will win her votes. She does this largely to mask her corrupt dealings and backdoor agenda, that put millions of dollars in her pocket.

But sometimes she does it for no good reason at all. The good news is many of her lies are coming back to haunt her, exposing her true nature to the American public.

One particular lie is just plain odd. It relates to her time as first lady.

From Independent Journal:

During the 2008 Democratic primary, then-candidate Hillary Clinton was attempting to distance herself from junior Illinois Senator Barack Obama. In an effort to tout her own superior experience, she told a story that some say would make Brian Williams proud.

In Hillary’s account of her trip to war-torn Tuzla, Bosnia, a planned “greeting ceremony” was scrapped at the last minute due to “incoming sniper fire,” and all those who were a part of Clinton’s entourage were instead rushed directly to their cars with their heads down for safety.

Wow. What an exciting story. Still, it wouldn’t be enough to want to elect someone as president. A story like that does make Hillary look to be a brave hero, facing down snipers to greet our boys in uniform.

Though Hillary forgot one important thing: the cameras were rolling.

CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson quickly challenged Clinton’s story, providing video of the greeting ceremony – which actually did happen – that showed then-First Lady Clinton and daughter Chelsea receiving hugs and a poem from a local girl.

Did Clinton not think there was video to debunk her story? Or did she just assume the media would back her lies, no matter what? What kind of delusions is Clinton living under, if she thinks she can invent out of whole cloth a story with zero credibility?

Oh wait, she’s been doing that her entire career.

The reaction from former secret service agents tells it all.

Gary Byrne, the former Secret Service agent whose recent tell-all book “Crisis of Character” has made a number of claims about the Clintons, said that he and other Secret Service Agents “laughed their faces off” whenever Hillary told that story.

Gary knows what’s up. After years of service under Bill Clinton administration, he knew exactly what kind of heartless liar Hillary is.

Now if only the rest of the Democratic Party will see it.

Source: Independent Journal

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