WHOA – Secret Service DROPS Bomb On Hillary’s Campaign…And She’s FURIOUS!

Donald Trump is known for having an outspoken personality. A New York native, he’s survived because of his unapologetic boldness and strong stance.

Yet the left tries to use these strong characteristics to paint him as an unstable, volatile person.

They ignore the fact that a President Trump would lead from a place of strength and refuse to buckle under international pressure and insider politics.

Take his rival on the other hand. Calm and even-handed would not be words anyone would use to describe Hillary Clinton. In fact, the people who’ve had the displeasure of working for her use very different words.

From Yes I’m Right:

[F]ormer Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne is exposing Hillary for the fraud, phony, and angry person she truly is. His new book, called Crisis of Character, which we have talked about before, is exposing Hillary’s shortcomings and how what she says about Donald Trump is completely and utterly bogus…

On the “Broken Vase” incident – an alleged fight between the President and First Lady in the White House:

So I came to work one morning as a Secret Service Uniform Division officer. Before I went to my post I went over to see a buddy on the ground floor of the White House. He said Mr. And Mrs. Clinton had a huge fight upstairs.

Later on the next time I saw the president over at the Oval Office, he had a mark under his eye. It was a black eye. You could see they were trying to conceal it with makeup. I said to his assistant, ‘What’s that mark on the president’s eye?’ And they said, ‘Oh, he’s allergic to coffee.’

That’s just a taste of what Byrne experienced while serving the Clinton administration. It’s clear that Hillary is a dangerous, volatile person with an unstable temperament. The very last person that should be entrusted with the security of our nation.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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