The Secret To A Happy Marriage REVEALED…Research Findings EVERYONE Will Love!

Everybody wants a magic bullet. Whether it’s to get good grades in school, land a high-paying job, or lose weight, many people want to find a secret formula that will guarantee success.

The sobering fact is that only hard work and dedication will produce lasting results. It’s not the glamorous answer and certainly not the sexiest, but it’s the truth.

This is especially true for marriage. In today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever to ruin your relationship. With no-cause divorce and the ease of online adultery, it almost seems impossible (to some people) that a couple can stay together and remain happy.

There must be quick fix, right? Well according to one study, there just might be.

From USA Today:

A new study says older couples who drink together are happier than couples where only one person drinks.

Date nights including the occasional wine or beer might not be a bad idea, according to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology.

The study looked at drinking behaviors of 2,767 older married couples, who supplied data twice over four years. Participants were 50 or older. Researchers found couples who drank had “decreased negative marital quality over time.”

In other words, couples who reported drinking even one drink a year were more likely to say their partner doesn’t let them down, get on their nerves or criticize them. This could be interpreted as happiness, but it’s difficult to prove.

Alcohol! Of course, how stupid of me. Just consume large amounts of alcohol and your marriage will be saved! Forget all those marriages that were destroyed by alcoholism. Forget the fact that deep-seated problems that destroy a marriage cannot be fixed by drinking. Just go out for date night and have a few glasses of vino. Problem solved!

I find it funny that the study was looking at older couples who were already married for a long time. Hmm, maybe the alcohol had nothing to do with their success. Perhaps they simply had a committed to their spouse and stuck with it.

Sure the occasional glass of wine is fine, but it cannot fix actual problems within a marriage. It’s especially telling that all the study could prove was that alcohol made the couples “less irritated,” not actually more happy.

So maybe booze will make your husband’s annoying habits a little less annoying. Maybe it will make your wife’s nagging a little less loud.

But it can’t ensure years of happiness. Only you can do that.

Source: USA Today

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