Poll: Who Should Be Donald Trump’s Secretary of State? Mitt or Rudy? Click The Picture To Vote

Since Donald Trump’s historic victory to the White House, we’ve been hearing about his transition team’s energetic movement.

It seems Trump and his people hit the ground running, setting up GreatAgain.gov to frequently update the American people about his plans once he takes office and what his administration will accomplish right away.

We’ve also been hearing about the people he’s already selected to serve him within his cabinet and various other posts. While the left has tried to attack people like Bannon and Sessions, many leaders within our country have come out and praised Trump’s selections.

But speculation is still high over whom he will pick to be secretary of state. This all important office is perhaps even more crucial for this new president, as many Americans are painfully aware of the terrible choices recent Secretary of State Clinton made that damaged our nation at home and abroad.

Over the last week people have speculated that Mitt Romney, former GOP candidate for president and outspoken opponent to Trump, was his top pick. While Romney did meet with Trump recently during one of his many transition meetings, there has been no final word over whom the President-Elect will nominate for this post.

Speculation is very high and the American people are weighing in.

From Breitbart:

President-Elect Donald Trump has not yet announced his pick for Secretary of State, though the press has speculated on several prospective candidates.

You, the Breitbart reader, were instrumental in Trump’s election victory and the continuing rise of America’s nationalist-populist movement. We want to know who you would prefer to serve as the country’s chief diplomat.

As it stands, the poll from this influential conservative news site has former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani winning by 36.86%, but the numbers are updating frequently.

Giuliani worked with Trump during the campaign, traveling across America to speak at rallies and events. He was a strong supporter for Trump early on, even when many conservative leaders were against the business mogul running.

Word has yet to come out in regards to Giuliani’s role in Trump’s administration, if he has one. It’s very unlikely that Trump will not offer an important position to Rudy. The only thing that would prevent him from taking his place beside the President-Elect is perhaps his own desire to stay out of public life.

What do you think? Should Giuliani serve Trump in the White House? Who do you think would be the best secretary of state?

Source: Breitbart

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