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Security Experts Slam Obama, FBI For Orlando Attack…’Massive Failure Of Leadership’
By PJ Editor|June 14, 2016

We all know that President Obama’s approach to terrorism has failed to protect Americans, as the attack in Orlando vividly demonstrates.

As we learn more about the Islamist attacker, it becomes clear that the failure is much deeper. He was repeatedly interviewed by the FBI, had close ties to other jihadists, and had expressed a desire to kill in the name of Islam, warnings ignored due to political correctness.

Now security experts are weighing in and their assessments are not kind. Clearly the failures start with the president’s rhetoric, but cascade through the federal government and the population because of his failed leadership.

The Washington Free Beacon has an exclusive on the depth of the rot that is costing American lives and imperiling our national security…

Former FBI Agent John Guandolo said the FBI mistakenly closed its investigation because it had no idea how to respond to jihadist threats because the bureau does not teach agents about Islamist doctrine, such as Sharia law, that is used as a guide for terrorist operations and activities.

“This investigation was closed because FBI leadership has systematically refused to look at and teach Sharia to its agents because it is getting its advice on Islam from Muslims who are hostile to us and our system of government,” Guandolo said.

It’s not just cultural, it is also a failure of policy…

Retired Army Lt. Col. Joseph Myers, a former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst and counterterrorism expert, said U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies are operating under rules of engagement that prevent the preemption of terror attacks.

“The fact that as a matter of Obama administration policy they have purged any references to Islam, Islamic doctrines and tenets of war and jihad from the professional terrorism lexicon leaves the FBI, DHS, DoJ, and DoD from being intellectually and physically ready to act and operate to preempt these kinds of events in the homeland,” Myers said.

As Obama blames Americans and threatens to disarm us, it is clear what the real threat is and it originates at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This is why millions of Americans are turning to Donald Trump. If this is an election between a candidate that wants Americans to be able to protect themselves and fight Islamic extremism versus a candidate that wants to disarm our nation and throw open the borders, you don’t need to be a political scientist to know who will win!

Source: Washington Free Beacon

PJ Editor
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