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Senator Admits Trump Was RIGHT About Wiretapping…Morning Joe Hosts Go APES**T!
By Faith Braverman|April 6, 2017

Senator Paul has made a name for himself since he entered politics by being an outspoken defender of civil liberties. He has often found himself able to find common ground with progressives on this issue, which has made him a sought after guest on liberal news shows.

But during a recent visit to MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the hosts quickly realized they had made a big mistake inviting Sen. Paul to the program.

The conversation initially revolved around the issue of backdoor searches and the need to obtain warrants before surveilling Americans.

But when the conversation turned to Susan Rice, Sen. Paul called for her to be subpoenaed, and speculated that Obama may have known that Rice was doing backdoor searches to obtain information on Trump officials.

Sen. Paul then stated that these actions were eerily similar to what Trump had accused them of, and that Rice and Obama were possibly working together to spy on the Trump administration for political purposes.

MSNBC balked at that statement, saying there was no wiretap and outright laughing at Paul’s claims.

Watch the exchange below:

Perhaps the greatest point of the interview was when Paul accused one host of being an apologist for Democrats rather than caring about the 4th amendment, which protects Americans from government seizures of their property.

The hosts repeatedly tried to interrupt Senator Paul in order to downplay the issue, saying the surveillance was “incidental.”

Sen. Paul fought back against that, stating, “It is a huge deal that we are collecting millions of Americans phone calls and then someone can go to a keyboard, and put your name in, and then search it without a warrant. This is an illegal, warrantless search. This is the kind of search that is rife for abuse from either party .”

He pointed out if it were Dick Cheney accused of doing this instead of Susan Rice, the show’s hosts would be singing a much different tune.

When host Mika Brzezinski told Sen. Paul that we didn’t know for sure Susan Rice had ordered the searches, Rand Paul called for Rice to testify under oath about it.

So suddenly Democrats care about evidence? It doesn’t matter that there is a total lack of proof that Russia involved themselves in our election, but these liberal “journalists” will constantly speculate and sometimes fabricate a Trump/Russia connection, proof be damned.

Susan Rice has a long history of abusing her authority, and Sen. Paul’s concerns are in no way out of bounds. MSNBC’s hacks are simply too partisan to see that, and are circling the wagons to protect their own.

Source: The Right Scoop

Faith Braverman
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