Senator Un-Endorses Trump, Threatens To Leave Party…The Response Is SWIFT & BRUTAL!

You’d think at this point in the election, every notable Republican leader is backing their presidential nominee. The #NeverTrump train has ran out of steam.

GOP figures from Huckabee to Ryan have openly endorsed Trump. Only a madman would oppose him now, seeming to sabotage their party’s chances at the White House.

It looks thought that there are a few madmen left in the GOP, as Sen. Lindsey Graham has openly called for the un-endorsement of Donald Trump.

How bitter is Graham that he lost the primaries? Does he really want to hand the White House over to the Democrats for another term?

From Conservative Tribune:

Back-stabbing failed presidential candidate and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham received a scathing rebuke this week when he began calling for Republicans to un-endorse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump over his legitimate criticisms of La Raza-associated Federal District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

“I have very little respect for those in elected office right now who are salivating for the first opportunity to run out in front of the cameras and scream ‘I Told You So!’” Trump surrogate and political editor Scottie Nell Hughes said during an exclusive interview.

“The ones right now who are criticizing Mr Trump are the same ones who opposed him during the primary season, and thanks to their non-endorsement then, Mr. Trump is now the nominee of the GOP,” she added.

Graham is using Trump’s ongoing disagreement with Judge Curiel as an excuse to undermine the presidential candidate. It’s obvious Graham doesn’t even understand the argument, in which Trump is calling Curiel’s bias into question regarding a court case. Graham seems to be reading too much liberal media news, if he thinks Trump is motivated by anything other than a desire for a fair trial.

The reality is, Trump is going to settle the matter with Curiel in a fair and reasonable way. If the judge refuses to comply, the courts will find another person. The need for Lindsey Graham to jump into the fray reeks of desperation.

Perhaps the Senator needs to go back and do his job in Washington, rather than much up the election.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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