Sex Scandal Erupts On Celebrity Democrat Donor—Even Liberals Ready To Boycott

Time and time again we discover that liberals are guilty of the very things they accuse others of.

Remember when audio leaked of Donald Trump during the election? Every liberal hacked claimed he was some kind of deviant, over a few poorly-chosen words. Even people on so-called conservative Fox News tried to paint him as a predator.

But now a bombshell report has just dropped, revealing that a celebrated, award-winning movie producer has been sexually harassing women for decades.

The report discusses his ugly behavior, including large payouts to hush up his victims.

Oh, and it turns out his buddies with the Obama’s and the Clinton’s.

From Daily Wire:

Hollywood producer – and Democratic mega-donor – Harvey Weinstein, has been involved in eight separate sexual harassment lawsuits, according to an expose published by the New York Times Thursday, and has paid out millions in settlements over a span of decades.

Weinstein, the paper says, has a history of bizarre behavior, allegedly offering women who work for him a career boost in return for sexual favors.

In at least one case, a female employee claimed Weinstein “badgered” her into allowing him to give her a naked massage, leaving her “crying” and “distraught.” In another, Weinstein reportedly told a female colleague to meet him for breakfast at a hotel, but then redirected her to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked her to watch him shower…

This is undoubtedly bad news for Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who relied on Weinstein for thousands of dollars in campaign donations across their careers. In the last cycle alone, Weinstein gave nearly $100,000, through a series of small-bore donations, to both the Hillary Victory Fund as well as major left-leaning organizations supporting the Democratic nominee’s campaign.

This is more than a few choice words. Weinstein all but forced himself on many young, vulnerable women. Over the course of his career, he used his power and position in order to manipulate these women. The goal? That’s pretty obvious.

Keep in mind he was married during most of this time.

Even recently, Obama’s daughter Malia was given a job as an intern at the Weinstein Company. I bet that ended quickly.

Weinstein has been one of the most outspoken liberal advocates in Hollywood. He’s given considerable dollars to both the Clinton’s and the Obama’s during recent campaigns. This scandal will surely strain relations in the future—as many politicians might not want to be associated with an accused aggressor.

But then again, considering their track record, they are used to those kinds of people being in their midst.

Source: Daily Wire

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