SHAME! You Won’t Believe How Hillary Ruined THIS Country…Learn The Truth About Corrupt Clinton

Trouble has been brewing in the nation of Haiti for a long time.

Ever since the devastating earthquake of 2010, they have been fighting to rebuild their country on a foundation of democracy and goodwill toward their people. But not if Hillary Clinton had anything to say about it.

As reported by The Daily Beast…

As Haiti struggled to dig out from the disastrous 2010 earthquake, [Mirlande] Manigat stood poised to become its first elected female president—until Hillary Clinton’s State Department intervened. 

During the 2010 elections, it looked like Manigat had the election tied up.

Her closest rivals were hurting each other, helping to buoying her success. But when Hillary Clinton threatened she’d cut off aid to Haiti, she manipulated the candidates to ensure a pop singer known as Sweet Micky would gain traction and win.

Instead of the grandmotherly figure of Dr. Mirlande, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake Haiti was ruled by a risqué, misogynist musician. Yet despite his volatile character, once in office Micky remained a consistent ally of the Clintons.

“Sweet Micky” Martelly has been a train wreck of a president. Things have gotten so bad that this year’s election was postponed indefinitely, ensuring further chaos in a country desperate for stability.

Throughout his five-year term, Martelly gave free rein to NGOs and foreign business interests. Amidst Haiti’s ongoing turmoil, a simple question thus arises: Why, exactly, did Hillary Clinton’s State Department support Sweet Micky instead of Dr. Mirlande Manigat.

It’s obvious Clinton manipulated an ailing country to protect her own interests. It’s an ugly situation, one of the long-lasting problems caused by her time as Secretary of State. Now with her eyes on the Presidency, it’s inconceivable to think she’ll do any better for our nation.

Source: (The Daily Beast)

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