BRUTAL! Sharia Law Claims Another Life—Facebook Star Murdered In Honor Killing By Her Own…

Honor killings are one of the most horrific aspects of radical Muslim culture.  Who would do such a thing, especially against a woman with worldwide reach through Facebook? The answer is shocking.

It used to be axiomatic that the fame acquired by provocative individuals like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela helped keep them alive. After all, if the government executed them, they’d turn them into martyrs and inflame their supporters.

But fame couldn’t protect a Pakistani woman who’d been campaigning against her country’s epidemic of so-called honor killings. In the end, she became a victim of one herself, at the hands of her brother.

Yahoo News reports:

Qandeel Baloch, praised by many of the country’s youth for her willingness to break social taboos but condemned by conservatives, was strangled near the city of Multan, police said. (…)

Police later registered a murder case against her brother based on her father’s written complaint, in which he accused his son of killing his daughter for honour because “his son wanted her to quit showbiz”.

Hundreds of women are murdered for “honour” every year in Pakistan.

The killers overwhelmingly walk free because of a law that allows the family of the victim to forgive the murderer — who is often also a relative.

In February, Pakistan’s Prime Minister promised to close the loopholes in those laws, but nothing has been done so far. Many fear that despite her high profile in life, in death Baloch will quickly become just another sad statistic.

Credit: Yahoo News

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