SHOCK: MASSIVE Shift In Latest Polling Towards 1 Candidate…No One Saw This Coming!

This has been one of the most exciting political seasons in many years, and definitely the most turbulent.

In one corner we have Hillary Clinton hiding from the public and the media as much as possible, giving very few policy details and promising an extension of the last 8 years.

And in the other corner we have Donald Trump, a bombastic newcomer to politics who is learning on the fly but is willing to get out there, meet and serve the American people, and lay out specific policy proposals.

This was on display during the conventions in July, and with the media on Hillary’s side they pounded Trump until he was trailing up to 8 points in the polling averages.  Things were not looking good.

But as Trump has become more disciplined and Hillary’s corrupt dealings have leaked to the public, there has been a slow creep.

So when Real Clear Politics announced new polling averages, the nation was taken aback:


Donald Trump is now within 2 points of Hillary in all significant polling, within the margin of error, and it would be a huge surprise if that trend line did not continue.  This is including polls such as CNN’s (which showed Trump +2 and was immediately attacked by other outlets) and NBC, which have been giving Hillary wide leads to this point.

It is very obvious what is going on: the polls must end up reporting accurately on Election Day to keep their reputation, and with 60 days left, they cannot afford to keep skewing the numbers to help Hillary.  She is in deep trouble as the law is after her on multiple fronts and her own mind and body may be failing her.

No one in the mainstream media thought Donald could catch up, and yet he is proving extremely resilient in national polls and in the swing states where this election will truly be won or lost.  If the trend continues, Hillary truly is in deep trouble.

Source: RealClearPolitics

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