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Shock And Awe: You’ll Never Guess How Many ISIS Fighters Trump Just Destroyed!
By Faith Braverman|April 14, 2017

Trump’s recent order to drop a GBU-43/B bomb (the “mother of all bombs”) on Afghanistan has received mixed responses.

Overwhelmingly, Americans support the targeted strike on the large ISIS complex, while others say the cost of the bomb and the severity of its destructive capability are causes of concern.

Regardless of any naysayers, people on the ground are reporting that this is a massive victory in the fight against ISIS.

Independent Journal Review got ahold of freelance journalist Ahmad Wali Sarhadi, and asked the Afghanistan based reporter what local authorities are saying about the damage done to ISIS.

Initial reports show that this bombing has been one of the most successful strikes on ISIS yet.

From Independent Journal Review:

Sarhadi gave a report from the local officials in Nangarhar:

“Yeah, I am on the line with local officials of Nangarhar. They say a big complex of ISIS has been destroyed by the dropping of the bomb from the U.S.!

ISIS’s biggest complex in Afghanistan is destroyed. They say more than 100 ISIS members are killed. The casualties may get higher.”

In only his first few months, President Trump has done more in the fight against ISIS than Obama’s eight years of failed attempts. This strike was effective, precise, and sent a clear message to countries threatening the U.S., such as North Korea.

The decisive leadership demonstrated by the President is a clear departure from the foreign policy of the past. Rather than attempting to appease and coddle jihadist groups, President Trump is keeping his campaign promise to “bomb the sh*t out of” ISIS.

It remains to be seen how ISIS will respond to this attack, but knowing that President Trump is now at the helm should make all radical Muslims nervous. Who knows how their future actions will provoke further military intervention?

Now that we have a president unafraid to take them on, fighting ISIS has become a whole new ballgame.

Source: Independent Journal Review

Faith Braverman
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