SHOCK: Even MORE Clinton Emails Go Missing! Proves SICK Partnership With…

The presidential hopeful could learn a thing or two from the children’t rhyme, particularly when it comes to truth-telling about her private home-based email server and the messages that passed through it while she served as secretary of State.

As Allen B. West reported, citing the Analytical Economist: It could very well be more than 33,000 emails that’s missing from Clinton’s server.

That 33,000 could be just the tip of the iceberg.

“Would you believe those weren’t the only emails of hers that went missing? Given Hillary’s history of scandal dating back decades, probably not,” the blogger wrote.

The FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s server was practically laughable, especially after director James Comey came out and publicly condemned her handling of messages and documents marked “c” for classified – but then turned around and said she shouldn’t be punished. But the notes in the FBI’s files continue to raise questions.

As the Hill reported: “The FBI’s notes on its investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server raise questions about two ‘bankers boxes’ of printed emails that went missing in the course of the probe. … The notes say that IPS officials were told that there were 14 bankers boxes of emails at Clinton’s home, but when they were picked up from her lawyer’s office, there were only 12.”

And if that’s not suspicious enough, there’s this: A witness to the banker box matter accused Patrick Kennedy with the State Department of pressuring those who worked for him to change codes that referred to “classified” documents to something less important.

The Analytical Economist waxed sarcastic.

“I’m sure there’s noooooo foul play here. Oh well. As Hillary would say, ‘what difference, at this point, does it make?'”

Source: Allen B. West

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