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SHOCK: Look Who REALLY Got Comey Fired…Even Trump Is STUNNED! [Watch]
By Faith Braverman|May 11, 2017

The firing of FBI Director Comey continues to rock the political world, and more revelations are being made as to what spelled the end for him.

Many conservatives are now crediting Rep. Elise Stefanik with uncovering the truths that ended Comey’s career.

The 32-year-old Republican representative from New York is the youngest member of Congress, but Stefanik somehow managed to outwit one of the most powerful men in D.C.

One can’t help but think of Lord of the Rings, when Sauron’s deputy was struck down, not by a powerful manly warrior, but by a young woman.

In March of this year, the sharp-eyed young woman had her chance to question Comey during his congressional hearing, and what she got Comey to admit is downright damning.

If you were at all concerned about the millennial generation, Rep. Elise Stefanik is proof that the youth of America may just be our salvation.

From Mad World News:

Rep. Stefanik cornered Comey on the timeline and got him to stumble and squirm. She asked, “When did you notify that White House, the DNI and congressionsal leadership [of this bogus investigation]? Comey immediately started sweating after admitting that it’s protocol to inform Congress quarterly and the investigation started in July 2016. Then came the kicker. Comey didn’t inform congress until March 2017, only after he had no other choice as these hearings were set to begin. 


Rep. Stefanik’s brilliant line of questioning caught Comey with his pants down, forcing him into admitting that they’d been looking for a Trump/Russia connection since July 2016.

The FBI don’t conduct investigations without wire taps.

Comey also stated that he didn’t inform Congress due to the “sensitivity” of the investigation, meaning he knew it was politically motivated and had White House finger prints all over it.

Now, who was President during that time, back in July? Yep, former President Obama. He drove Comey into performing this “investigation”, so the wiretap is under his ownership.

The FBI’s investigation should not be into Russia colluding with Trump to help him win. Rather, it should be to uncover the DNC and FBI collusion that occurred to help Hillary win.

If the FBI were really so concerned about a presidential candidate’s ties to Russia, why weren’t they investigating Hillary and how she sold 20% of our country’s uranium to the Russians?

This carefully orchestrated political witch hunt against President Trump can hopefully come to an end now that the president is cleaning house.

Source: Mad World News

Faith Braverman
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