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SHOCK National Poll: Great News For 1 Candidate, But Not Who You Think!
By PJ Editor|June 10, 2016

There will be a million polls between now and election day. They will show many different things as the the campaigns ebb and flow through the news cycles.

For each candidate, there are different objectives that they are trying to meet . Hillary wants to maintain an air of, if not inevitability, at least the sense that she is the clear front runner. Donald Trump’s goal is to stay close, appear viable and grow confidence that he can win. For Gary Johnson, the objective is to build on the discontent with Trump and Clinton and establish a floor of 15% so that he can get into the national debates and garner the media attention to build out his name recognition.

Right now, all three of them have feel like they are accomplishing their goals. But there are some warning signs, too. Donald Trump has slipped six points in this poll over the last month. Hillary has held steady. Neither is anywhere near where they want to be. But the big winner? Gary Johnson who posts his best result yet as his numbers continue to improve.

CNN has the details…

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump among registered voters nationally, and Libertarian Gary Johnson gets into double digits, in a Fox News poll out Thursday.

Clinton has 39% support to Trump’s 36%, with Johnson pulling 12% backing, according to the survey of 1,004 registered voters, which was conducted June 5-8.
Hold on to your hats, we may be in for a wild ride!

Source: CNN

PJ Editor
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