SHOCK! Obama’s Classless Move…THIS Makes Oval Office Unusable For Trump

When the Clintons moved out of the White House after George W. Bush won the election, they stole some furniture (giving it back after being caught). And staffers, even reported by the New York Times, did $13,000 worth of damage to the White House, including leaving crude graffiti and stealing the “W”s from some keyboards.

Not surprisingly, outgoing Bush staffers did the very opposite after Obama’s victory. During his meeting with Donald Trump, Obama singled out the Bush administration for setting the gold standard in terms of leaving the White House in perfect condition for its new occupants.

So, while Obama acknowledges the Bush’s class act, he’s going to behave in a very different way:

President Obama is apparently refusing to renovate the Oval Office — and has instead decided to pass the buck to Donald Trump, who may be forced to work somewhere else for a quarter of his term as a result of the numerous security upgrades that will be going on inside the room.

“My understanding is that for the first year of his time in office, President Trump will not have the Oval Office,” [Karl] Rove said on Fox News on Wednesday.

At the Independent Journal Review, Kyle Becker jokes:

Of course, Rove isn’t taking into account that Trump may very well have plans to have the Oval Office gold-encrusted, as is his preference, and can now stay at the newly opened Trump International Hotel. (Assuming he can get in with all the protesters.)

The “gold-encrusted” part is highly unlikely, but knowing Donald Trump, it’s certain that if any major renovations have to be done to the Oval Office, they won’t take one year to complete. The real estate magnate likes projects to come in before their deadline, and under budget, too.

Credit: Independent Journal Review

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