SHOCK POLL: Americans Sound Off On Trump Deal…”We RARELY See Numbers Like This!”

Trump has yet to take office and we’ve seen how he’s already winning deals for Americans.

Aside from the many foreign leaders who have vowed to work with the future President, aside from the great people he has chosen for cabinet positions, we are seeing American companies work with the President-Elect to save jobs.

A big issue during the campaign was to prevent American jobs from being shipped overseas. Just as Trump announced his plans to save jobs from being shipped to Mexico, Carrier—an air conditioning manufacturer—announced it was closing its U.S. plant and sends the jobs to Mexico.

Bad timing, to be sure, but a great opportunity for Trump to show his skills. Now that he’s the President-Elect, he has brokered a deal that will save 1,000 Carrier jobs and no doubt set a precedent for things to come.

And it looks like the American people are resonating with Trump.

From Zero Hedge:

As the talking heads of the mainstream media endlessly cogitate over the propriety of Trump negotiating one-off deals with companies like Carrier, the voters have seemingly made up their mind and are overwhelmingly supportive.  Per a new Politico poll, 60% of the overall electorate is supportive of the Carrier deal that saved 1,000 jobs from moving to Mexico in return for tax savings.

While some conservatives and conservative groups — including The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board and former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin — have decried the Carrier deal as “crony capitalism,” the Politico/Morning Consult poll shows it’s a political winner for Trump. Sixty percent of voters say Carrier’s decision to keep some manufacturing jobs in Indiana, where Pence is still serving as governor, gives them a more favorable view of Trump. That includes not only 87 percent of self-identified Republicans, but also 54 percent of independents and 40 percent of Democrats.

“The Carrier announcement was big for Trump,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult co-founder and chief research officer. “Rarely do we see numbers that high when looking at how specific messages and events shape public opinion.”

This was one of the biggest platforms that ushered Trump to his historic win. He promised to end the trend of shipping our jobs overseas, from working class jobs to even white collar jobs being lost to a massive corporate tax.

Americans believed that a man who owns and built billion-dollar businesses, who literally wrote the book on making deals, can save and rebuild their industries. So far, we see him doing just that, with the Carrier deal.

Once in office we’ll see even more getting done, as Trump and the GOP majority work to pass legislation that will reward American companies and workers.

Source: Zero Hedge

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