SHOCK POLL: Hillary Locked Up This BLUE State…But Trump Is Turning It RED!

Oh what a difference a month makes. After the Democratic National Convention back in July, if looked like Hillary Clinton was tying up this election.

Thanks to a more than generous post-convention bump (due to her complicit media buddies) she seemed to gain significant leads over Republican Donald Trump.

Yet that bump proved to be temporary as Americans returned to looking at the woman as a dangerous, dishonest, and unfit person to lead. Polls are beginning to show their lack of trust in the woman, as Trump gains in support.

But he’s not just gaining headway in key swing states. The Donald is cutting into Crooked Hillary lead in long-time blue states, defying even the most angry pundits.

From Detroit Free Press:

WASHINGTON – A month after it appeared the race for president in Michigan might be all but over, Republican Donald Trump has cut deeply into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s post-convention lead, with an exclusive new Free Press/WXYZ-TV poll showing Trump has moved closer to tying Clinton in a state that hasn’t backed a Republican nominee since 1988…

“The race is tightening a lot in Michigan,” said Bernie Porn, EPIC-MRA’s pollster. “It may be a function of the timing of the survey and her health questions, (but) there has been a shift toward Trump. Whether it’s going to be a permanent shift is yet to be determined.”

Oh, it’s permanent and growing. Hillary’s health problems aren’t going away. As she continues to deny her illness, throwing out one excuse after another, more Americans are losing faith.

That’s not even factoring in her laundry list of flaws, from the debacle that was Benghazi to her email scandal.

Even a liberal state like Michigan can only take so much.

Let’s not forget we still have many weeks left in this election. Who knows which way Michigan will swing, come November?

Source: Detroit Free Press

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