SHOCK POLL: Hillary Thought She OWNED Female Voters…Latest Numbers Have Her PANICKING!

The Democratic Party’s “rainbow coalition” has survived more or less intact since the 1990s. The idea being that members of disparate identity groups — African-Americans, women, Hispanics, gays — would all vote for Bill Clinton and now, years later, Hillary.

It turns out that some members of those groups aren’t as enthusiastic about the former first lady as the Democrats would have you believe. Not only is Hillary Clinton disliked over all, she’s unpopular with two factions she should have had “in the bag.”

Breitbart reports:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable numbers are back, as a new ABC/Washington Post poll shows that she is as unpopular as ever.  Fifty-six percent of polled adults view Clinton unfavorably, up six percentage points from earlier this month.

Among Hispanics, Clinton’s popularity has fallen 16 points. Seventy one percent of Hispanics viewed her favorably earlier this month; now, only 55 percent view her favorably.

Among women, Clinton has gone from a net favorable rating of +11 to -7.

Fifty-two percent of women now view Clinton unfavorably, while only 45 percent of women view her favorably. Earlier in August it was the opposite.

Those are huge shifts in one month, especially after what was supposed to be Hillary’s triumphant coronation at the DNC. What’s happened since then? The unrelenting stream of scandals regarding the Clinton Foundation and her private email server.

For a woman determined to be the first female president, and the alternative to “anti-Hispanic” Trump, those numbers look very bad indeed.

Credit: Breitbart

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