SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In…Here’s The TRUE State Of The Race! – WHOA

Oh what a difference a month makes. After all the noise and commotion of the Democratic National Convention, the liberal media was throwing around polls that made it look like Hillary Clinton had the race all tied up.

Yet that fantasy quickly died down, as more and more news of Hillary’s incompetence and corruption came to the surface. Americans are learning just how dishonest, corrupt, and dangerous the woman is.

The news keeps getting worse for the Clinton camp. The list of reasons that she is unfit to lead keep piling up.

Now even polls made by the biased media are showing the change.

From Politico:

Clinton and Donald Trump are running neck-and-neck in Florida, where the race is deadlocked, and Ohio, where Trump leads Clinton by a single percentage point. But Clinton has a 4-point lead in North Carolina, a poll there shows, and a 5-point edge in Pennsylvania.

The new polls are mostly consistent with other public surveys — though the North Carolina result differs from a Suffolk University poll, also released Thursday, that showed Trump up slightly there. And Quinnipiac shows a toss-up race in Ohio, where other public polls have shown a small, but consistent, Clinton advantage.

Polls are never a definite decider when it comes to elections. But the fact that current ones are so close shows that even the biased media can’t completely obscure the fact that Hillary is rapidly losing ground.

As we march to the November election day, I predict a large swing in Trump’s favor. Hillary continues to make a mess of her campaign and more people are growing tired of the mainstream media’s biased.

They are waking up to the fact that Hillary is unfit to lead and that Trump offers real hope for America.

Source: Politico

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