SHOCK POLL: Latest Numbers Show MASSIVE Swing In Electoral College! Projects WINNER…

There’s a seismic shift going on in the elections right now that few could have predicted.

Our audience knows this already, but uneducated voters may not know that the President of the United States is not elected by popular vote but by the Electoral College, which has proportional representation from each state.  That’s why battleground states are so important—a few states could tip the balance.

Reuters keeps track of the likelihood of each state outcome and projects the Electoral College outcome based on this. They have some new numbers that reflect updated polling in each state, and their results are creating shock waves.

Yahoo News reports:

The project, which is based on a weekly tracking poll of more than 15,000 Americans, shows that the 2016 presidential race could end in a photo finish on Nov. 8, with the major-party candidates running nearly even in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately selects the president.

Pennsylvania has been moved from a likely win for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to a tossup; Ohio has been moved from a tossup to a likely win for Clinton.

And Florida is now considered a likely win for the Republican nominee, with 50 percent support for Trump to 46 percent support for Clinton. If the election were held today, the project estimates that Clinton has a 60 percent chance of winning by 18 electoral votes. Last week, the project estimated that Clinton had a 83 percent chance of winning the election.

In only a week Donald Trump has eaten into Hillary’s lead significantly, not only gaining in national polls but also in key battleground states like Florida and Iowa.  Reuters has Hillary up in Ohio but other polling firms have Donald up, so it could be even better than they’re reporting.  Why has this shift been so abrupt?

Respondents took the survey after video surfaced of Clinton nearly collapsing at a Sept. 11 memorial in New York on Sunday. Her campaign later said she had a non-contagious, bacterial form of pneumonia.

That is exactly why.  This episode and others have proved that she is incapable of leading America physically and she just can’t tell the truth to save her life.  Trump continues to be disciplined and healthy, and he is actively winning over major support where he needs it.  No one expected Donald to peak at the right time—America will have to wait and see just how much further this momentum can take him.

Source: Yahoo News

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