SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In ! The Voter ID Results Are OVERWHELMING For…

It will always amaze me at how Democrats oppose basic, common sense laws. Why, when they as much as anyone else have so much to lose, do they encourage illegal immigration? Do they think this will help their massive government programs? Illegals cannot vote or pay taxes. They’re supporting some that will eventually sink their own agenda.

This is even more true when it comes to their opposition of voter ID laws. While the vast majority of voting Americans own some form of valid identification (most common a driver’s license), the liberals claim these laws discriminate.

In a society that does not let you use a check without valid ID, or open a bank account, or buy alcohol, apparently our most sacred right requires no proof of identity. It’s clear voter ID laws do not discriminate against minorities, but prevent people from voting illegally.

Hmm… perhaps that’s why the Democrats oppose it. They have a lot of illegals they want at the polls!

But it seems the regressive left is in the minority this time.

From Sean Hannity:

Despite persistent opposition [from] Democrats, a new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans support common sense voter ID laws.

According to Gallup, four out of five Americans–a full 80%–support laws that would require voters to provide identification at their voting place before they’re allowed to vote. Broken down by party affiliation, 95% of Republicans, 83% of independents, and 63% of Democrats support voter ID laws.

The poll even showed that 77% of nonwhite Americans support voter ID laws. This is not a racial issue: it’s a universal one. In order to protect the integrity of the election process, we need a basic system in place to prevent fraud.

It’s no different than in any other aspect of daily life. If you want to prove your identity, you need to have an ID. Most cities and states even issue ID’s for those who don’t drive. It’s not a big deal.

Yet the Democrats, so far off the reservation, can’t see the common sense in these laws.

That’s because they’ve abandoned sense a long time ago.

Source: Sean Hannity

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