SHOCK POLL: Liberal Kasich Is Rising…HERE Are 17 Reasons He Must Never Be President

John Kasich has been the odd man out for the entire presidential season.

While it is true that he has consistently outperformed Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a general election match-up, he has drawn that support from moderates and center-left independents who don’t participate in the Republican primary.

That has left Kasich struggling for oxygen as Ted the conservative and Donald the populist have mopped up support among primary voters.

A new FOX poll, however, shows a surprising new strength for Kasich at the expense of Ted Cruz.

Kasich has picked up 8 points since the last time this poll was run while Cruz has lost 11 nationally.

More from FOX…

Trump tops Cruz by 45-27 percent among GOP primary voters in a new Fox News national poll on the 2016 election.  John Kasich comes in third with 25 percent. 

Three weeks ago, the mogul was up by three over Cruz:  41-38 percent, with Kasich at 17 percent (March 20-22, 2016).

This comes at the same time that Daniel Horowitz has published a long thought piece laying out all of the leftist positions that Kasich has taken over his political career. From Obamacare to illegal immigration, Kasich is on the wrong side of every issue important to Republican primary voters. He has benefited by the fact that no one cared until now.

Conservative Review…

As we are learning throughout this primary season, the Republican Party is divided and diverse.  But the common denominator between all Republicans is that they want to move in a new direction, far away from the Obama agenda.  What is clear about John Kasich is that far from being a fresh alternative, he is the embodiment of what is fueling everyone’s anger.

The entire list is HERE and well worth the read.

Sources: Conservative Review, Fox News


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