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SHOCK POLL: Media Lies Revealed…Liberals and Islamists Hardest Hit
By PJ Editor|March 31, 2016

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have generated a great deal of controversy with their policies towards Muslims and the the Islamic State.

Media firestorms and shrill denunciations have followed their statements regarding issues like restricting immigration, enhanced interrogation and domestic policing of Muslim neighborhoods.

From the media and the talking heads you would assume that these policies are widely hated by the American people, but new polling shows that reality is often far different than the perception we get from cable television…

Via The Blaze:

Consider that 50 percent of voters embraced Trump’s ban on Muslims traveling to the U.S., with 38 percent opposing the plan, according to a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult.

More specifically, the proposal also received support from 49 percent of Independents, 71 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of Democrats; the poll was conducted following the Brussels attacks last week.

A separate poll from YouGov and the Huffington Post this week also found that the ban received the support of 51 percent of Americans, with 40 percent disagreeing — proportions that mirror what was found by Morning Consult.

So polls show that the majority of Americans support restricting travel, but what about what the media calls “torture”?

Morning Consult also found that a solid portion of respondents — 45 percent — agreed with Trump’s contention that the nation “needs to stop tying its hands and start using enhanced interrogation techniques, such as water-boarding, against suspected terrorists in order to defeat ISIS.”

Wow! Apparently the American people aren’t as squeamish as the DC and New York media elites about protecting our country from terrorists! What about monitoring American Muslims?

The survey also measured opinions surrounding Cruz’s proposal calling for increased patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods, finding that it, too, enjoyed support among the American public.

While 49 percent of respondents said that they supported law enforcement patrolling Muslims neighborhoods, 36 percent opposed.

Remember this the next time a CNN panel of “experts” is getting the vapors because the leading presidential candidates are saying what the rest of us are thinking!

Source: The Blaze

PJ Editor
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