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WHOA: This Swing State Will DECIDE The Election! Latest Numbers Show MASSIVE Surge For…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 6, 2016

America has clearly entered its most volatile period of the election season.  Polls are starting to swing wildly in reaction to the candidates.

And today they have some stunning news.

The latest polls have a clear message that the race is turning decisively in one direction, and after the events of the last two weeks, maybe these monumental shifts should not be so surprising.

Hillary Clinton had better watch out, because Republican rival Donald Trump – the candidate many in the Democratic Party camp scoffed as a circus act who would go down in campaign flames – has taken the lead over Clinton in a crucial swing state that has been deciding elections for years.

And not by slim margins, either.

TruthFeed.com has the news: “In the latest IPSOS/Reuters Poll, Trump now leads Hillary in the critical state of Ohio 46 percent to 43 percent. What is even more amazing is in this EXACT same poll, just one week ago, Clinton was leading by 7 percent.”

Mathematically speaking, that means Trump has surged by fully 10 percent in one week’s time.

The new numbers haven’t gone unnoticed by Trump.  He tweeted the following:

Many of these states were reporting significant losses just weeks ago.

As Reuters reported, the Trump surge is due in part to rising public frustration over Clinton’s perceived dishonesty.

“In recent weeks, Clinton has come under renewed criticism over her handling of classified information while serving as U.S. secretary of State, and her family’s charitable foundation has come under fresh scrutiny for the donations it accepted while Clinton served in the Obama administration,” Reuters reported. “Meanwhile, Clinton hasn’t been campaigning as actively as Trump.”

Source: TruthFeed.com

Cheryl Chumley
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