SHOCK POLL: One Candidate Is WAY More Transparent…But Not Who You Think!

There’s a lot you can say about Republican candidate Donald Trump. He’s boastful. He’s arrogant. He is politically incorrect. He is so opinionated, many people are turned off by his statements.

He’s a successful businessman, to the tune of billions. He’s raised impressive, successful children. He’s a loyal partner and loving husband. He is an effective leader who gets results.

Whatever side you may fall on, you can’t deny the man is a force to be reckoned with. Compare that to his rival, Crooked Hillary.

She’s lied again and again to cover up  her crimes. She’s bullied, bribed, and perhaps killed to maintain power. She’s even lying about her serious health issues.

So it may come as no surprise to learn that many voters find Trump more transparent than Clinton, to the tune of 54% to 37%.

From Hot Air:

To a right-winger, this result is elementary. Hillary Clinton is the single shadiest brand-name Democrat in America. Of course Trump is going to top her on this question. To a Democrat, though, staring at these numbers must feel like staring into the abyss. It’s a clean sweep by gender and among white voters across the educational divide…

She doesn’t crack 30 percent on any single issue but she cracks 20 on three of them, which suggests the sheer cumulative weight of various Clinton deceptions is driving her overall numbers. Quinnipiac didn’t ask about pay for play at the Clinton Foundation or the curiously delayed revelation about her pneumonia either. Who knows where those might register in this parade of horribles.

Regardless of how people will vote, they overwhelmingly consider Trump to be more transparent (read: honest), than Hillary Clinton.

That really makes you think, though. Even democrats–who will most likely vote for Clinton–consider Trump more honest. Apparently they are willing to ignore Hillary’s history of corruption, simply because she’s a liberal.

That more than anything else should tell you about the left’s values. They don’t care about integrity, honesty, or strong leadership. As long as a candidate will push their flawed agenda, they’re all for them.

But it looks like most Americans don’t feel that way.

Source: Hot Air

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