SHOCK REPORT: Hillary Could Be Heading To Court…THIS Will Have You CHEERING!

Providence has spared us from eight more insufferable years of Clinton Fatigue. If you were around for Bill’s presidency, you’ve experienced it. It is characterized by unremitting dreariness and heaviness of heart stemming from the fear that you will never again be able to get through a day without being confronted with yet another Clinton scandal. Happily, with Hillary out to pasture as far as holding public office is concerned, we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief – no more Clinton Fatigue.

When you think about it, maybe inducing Clinton Fatigue was their strategy? Just engage in so many corrupt activities that the whole system goes on overload, drowning the justice system and the people with so much nefariousness that nobody knows where to start. With those who could bring them to justice overwhelmed by the enormity of the corruption, the Clintons get off the hook once again.

While Clinton Fatigue was real, the above paragraph will not likely predict the Clintons’ future. In other words, perhaps the justice system isn’t so much paralyzed as obstructed. Obstructed by Mr. Obama and his functionaries in the Justice (sic) Department. If that’s the case, then when the Obstructionist-in-Chief is no longer on the job, unfinished business regarding the Clintons might move to the top of the to-do list.

Apparently, bring Hillary to justice is already near the top of the to-do lists that most Republicans would send to the Trump administration.Hot Air reports that, “69% of Republicans want a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.”

With Donald Trump making somewhat conciliatory remarks toward Hillary post-election, much of his hard-core base will be profoundly disappointed if he does not fulfill his campaign promise of appointing a special prosecutor to go after Hillary. Again, from Hot Air: “The one warning sign for Trump: Among that 69 percent of Republicans who say Hillary should be prosecuted, nearly half (45 percent) say it’s ‘very important’ that it happen. That’s more than 30 percent of the GOP that’s going to be disappointed if, once he’s inaugurated, he really does rule out an investigation.”

So Mr. Trump has been playing his cards close to his vest on this one. One theory is that the timing is not right just yet. While he could state his intentions, he can’t put them into action until he takes office. Recognizing the divisiveness of the issue within the overall electorate, perhaps he’s decided there are more important things to do right now than get bogged down in what would be a huge distraction were he to announce his decision on a special prosecutor per-inauguration.

Assuming Hillary doesn’t know for sure what Mr. Trump’s plans are, she has to be sweating this thing out. Recall that she fully expected to be president, and thereby enjoy some measure of protection from prosecution during her terms of office. So her personal anguish at losing the election to Mr. Trump might have more facets to it than we realize.

In any event, she and her husband are utterly corrupt. Any indictment against either of them might set a record for the number and variety of the alleged crimes. And when you get down to it, turning a special prosecutor loose on Hillary would go a long way to demonstrating that no one is above the law. Just proving that point alone is worth some controversy.

Source: Hot Air

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