SHOCK REPORT: Trump STUNS With New Controversy…The Left Is Going For His Throat!

That controversy will be a feature of the upcoming Trump presidency is a given.  Part of that is just the nature of the job.  And part of it is a result of the positions staked out by Mr. Trump during his successful campaign – positions that have liberals throwing fits, losing sleep, and otherwise finding themselves unable to cope with the defeat of Hillary Clinton.  The whole thing is something to behold.

One of these sources of controversy involves Mr. Trump’s extensive business holdings and the possibility of conflicts of interest.  Perhaps this is an issue now because recent presidents have not been known for building business empires, but rather for making a living by holding government offices – clearly an occupation that requires a different set of skills.

The focus at the moment is on Mr. Trump’s continued affiliation with the television show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”  With regard to this, Townhall reports that, “Trump’s continued stake in a TV series is yet another unusual aspect of the election of a businessman and reality star to the presidency. Questions have been raised on how his extensive holdings may intersect with his actions as president.”

One thing that Mr. Trump can be sure of is that his political opponents will seize on any opportunity to question his integrity, especially as relates to potential conflicts of interest.   No doubt Mr. Trump is aware of this and has received recommendations from his legal counsel.

In fact, Trump has already made a statement on this issue, via Twitter, no less.  “Trump has tweeted that he will disclose plans on Dec. 15 to ‘take me completely out of business operations’ without detailing what that means. He previously said that he plans to hand over management of his business to three of his adult children.”

While the potential for conflicts of interest between Mr. Trump’s sizeable business holdings and his power to set policy as president rightly need to be addressed, it is ironic that attention to this concern is already being focused on Mr. Trump when his opponent was alleged to have engaged in unprecedented corruption and conflicts of interest during her tenure as secretary of state.  Crimes for which she has still not been called to answer for.

After all, we haven’t forgotten that monument to money-laundering, influence peddling, conflicts of interest, and assorted pay-to-play schemes called the Clinton Foundation, have we?

The election of Donald Trump was no ordinary event in American politics.  And Mr. Trump is a very extraordinary man.  Not perfect as he admits, but certainly one with many talents – talents that might well make him one of the most successful presidents in recent memory.

Surely we have not reached the point where being a highly successful businessperson is a disqualifying factor in serving as president?

Source:  Townhall

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